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Demo Versions
MPDB v8.67 demo

Windows                                                               System requirements
Linux/Pentium                                                       Version History
Mac OS X

JAHM Software
Download MPDB demo for Microsoft Windows (~22MB download size)

After downloading the Windows version, double click on the file. Extract the program executable (MPDB_win_demo.exe) and 8 additional files to any directory you like.
Download MPDB demo for Mac OS X (The MPDB software has been built on Mac OS X v10.12 (Sierra), it may run on earlier versions of OS X, ~27MB download size)

After downloading the Mac OS X version, uncompress it by double-clicking the file, then open the MPDB_demo.dmg and follow the directions in the README_FIRST file.

If you see a console window but do not see the program window open you probably need to install XQuartz for X11 support.

You may get an error from Gatekeeper about the app being from an unknown developer. Right click the MPDB_mac file and select "Open" to launch the app.  
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Download MPDB demo for 64-bit Linux/Pentium (~22MB download size)

1. After downloading the Linux/Pentium version, uncompress it by typing

gunzip MPDB_linux_demo.tar.gz

2. untar it by typing

tar -xf MPDB_linux_demo.tar

3. then change the permissions to allow execution

chmod 777 MPDB_linux_demo

chmod 777 TempConverter


chmod 777 *

4. you run the program by typing either