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Data Listing by Material
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Key to property symbols (number of datasets):

dL  = linear expansion (dL/L) (2519)
CTE = coefficient of thermal expansion (1576)
MTE = mean coefficient of thermal expansion (2516)
TC  = thermal conductivity (1467)
HC  = heat capacity (778)
SH  = specific heat (1297)
V   = viscosity (218)
TD  = thermal diffusivity (395)
VP  = vapor pressure (203)
E   = elastic modulus (1250)
G   = shear modulus (654)
v   = Poisson's ratio (543)
B   = bulk modulus (521)
TS  = tensile strength (1291)
YS  = yield strength (tension) (1119)
YSC = yield strength (compression) (114)
EL  = elongation (636)
SSC = true stress-strain curve (tension) (1274)
SSCC = true stress-strain curve (compression) (572)
SR  = stress-rupture (1916)
CR  = creep strength (917)
DT  = temperature dependant density (1589)
D   = room temperature density (733)
FSN = fatigue S-N curve (832)
FSN = fatigue e-N curve (215)
BH  = magnetic flux vs field (35)
HB  = magnetic field vs flux (35)
SIG = electrical conductivity (585)
R   = electrical resistivity (585)
HE  = hemispherical emissivity (144)
NE  = normal emissivity (98)
AP  = absolute permeability vs magnetic field (35)
RP  = relative permeability vs magnetic field (35)

Data in Version 8.37

Acetal (polyoxymethylene) Miscellaneous Polymers
Aluminum Alloys Mold Materials
Borides Nickel Alloys
Carbides Nitrides
Carbons Nylons & Polyamides
Cast Irons Organics & Hydrocarbons
Ceramic Matrix Composites Other Materials
Cermets PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)
Cobalt Alloys PEI (polyetherimide)
Complex Oxides/Silicates PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
Controlled Expansion Alloys Polyethers & Polyesters
Copper Alloys Polypropylenes
Elastomers PVDF (poly(vinylidene fluoride))
Elements Refractory Metal Alloys
Epoxies Resistance Alloys
EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) Salts
Fuel Cell, Battery & Electro-ceramics Semiconductors & Optical Materials
Glasses & Metallic Glasses Silicides
Intermetallics Simple Oxides
Iron Alloys Solders, Low Melting & Dental
Magnesium Alloys Thermal Barrier Coatings
Magnetic Alloys Thermal Insulators
Metal Matrix Composites Thermocouple Alloys
Minerals, Rocks & Soils Titanium Alloys
Miscellaneous Polymer Composites Tool Steels
Miscellaneous Polymers

Hydrogen                                                DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Helium dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Lithium dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Beryllium dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Boron dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Carbon see Carbons
Nitrogen dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Oxygen dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Fluorine dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
Neon dL     MTE E                                   DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Sodium dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Magnesium dL CTE MTE E G v B                  SSCC       DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Aluminum dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP V         SIG             
Silicon dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC    HE    VP V FSN                     
Phosphorus                                                D    HC SH TC          VP V                         
Sulfur dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Chlorine dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Argon dL     MTE       B                             DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Potassium dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Calcium dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Scandium dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP                           
Titanium dL     MTE E G v B TS YS YSC    SSC SSCC       DT R HC SH TC TD HE    VP V     FEN SIG             
Vanadium dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP V         SIG             
Chromium dL     MTE E             YSC                   DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Manganese dL     MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC          VP           SIG             
Iron dL CTE MTE E G v B    YS            SSCC       DT R HC SH TC    HE NE VP V         SIG BH HB AP RP 
Cobalt dL     MTE E G v B              SSC            DT R HC SH TC TD HE    VP V         SIG BH HB AP RP 
Nickel dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R HC SH TC TD HE    VP V     FEN SIG BH HB AP RP 
Copper dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R HC SH TC TD HE NE VP V FSN     SIG             
Zinc dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC SSCC       DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Gallium dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Germanium dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Arsenic                                                D    HC SH TC                                       
Selenium                                                D    HC SH             VP V                         
Bromine                                                D    HC SH TC             V                         
Krypton dL     MTE       B                             DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Rubidium dL CTE MTE       B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Strontium dL CTE MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Yttrium                       YS                       D    HC SH TC          VP                           
Zirconium dL CTE MTE E                    SSC SSCC       DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP V         SIG             
Niobium dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS YSC EL SSC            DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP V         SIG             
Molybdenum dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR CS DT R HC SH TC TD HE NE VP           SIG             
Technetium dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC TD       VP                           
Ruthenium dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Rhodium dL CTE MTE E                                   DT   HC SH TC          VP                           
Palladium dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Silver dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC            DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Cadmium dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Indium dL CTE MTE E G v B TS                          DT R HC SH TC TD       VP V         SIG             
Tin dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Antimony dL CTE MTE E                                   DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Tellurium                                                D  R HC SH    TD       VP V         SIG             
Iodine                                                D    HC SH TC          VP V                         
Xenon dL     MTE       B                             DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Cesium dL CTE MTE       B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Barium dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Lanthanium            E                                   D  R HC SH TC TD       VP V         SIG             
Cerium dL     MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC TD       VP V         SIG             
Praseodymium dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Neodymium dL     MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC TD       VP           SIG             
Promethium                                                D          TC                                       
Samarium                                                D    HC SH TC          VP                           
Europium            E                                   D    HC SH TC          VP                           
Gadolinium dL     MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC          VP           SIG             
Terbium dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP                           
Dysprosium dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC TD       VP           SIG             
Holmium                                                D    HC SH TC          VP                           
Erbium dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP           SIG             
Thulium                                                D    HC SH TC          VP                           
Ytterbium dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Lutetium                       YS        SSC            D    HC SH TC          VP                           
Hafnium dL CTE MTE                      SSC SSCC       DT R HC SH TC TD HE    VP V         SIG             
Tantalum dL     MTE E G v B TS    YSC        SSCC       DT R HC SH TC TD HE NE VP V         SIG             
Tungsten dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R HC SH TC    HE NE VP V         SIG             
Rhenium dL     MTE E G v B TS        EL SSC            DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
Osmium dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP                           
Iridium dL     MTE E                                   DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
Platinum dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
Gold dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Mercury dL CTE MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Thallium dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
Lead dL     MTE E G v B              SSC            DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Bismuth dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC          VP V         SIG             
Polonium                                                D                      VP                           
Astatine                                                                       VP                           
Radon                                                DT         TC          VP                           
Francium                                                   R                   VP           SIG             
Radium                                                D                      VP                           
Actinium                                                D                      VP                           
Thorium dL     MTE E                                   DT R HC SH TC          VP           SIG             
Protactinium                                                D  R HC SH             VP           SIG             
Uranium                                                D                                                   
Neptunium                                                D  R HC SH             VP           SIG             
Plutonium                                                D                                                   
Americium                                                D    HC SH             VP                           
Curium                                                D    HC SH             VP                           
Berkelium                                                D                                                   
Californium                                                D                                                   
Einsteinium                                                D                                                   
Fermium                                                D                                                   
Mendelevium                                                D                                                   
Nobelium                                                D                                                   
Lawrencium                                                D                                                   

Iron Alloys
Armco iron dL CTE MTE E G v B    YS                       DT      SH TC    HE                     BH HB AP RP 
1006 (UNS G10060) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1008 (UNS G10080) (1.0204) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC SSCC       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1010 (UNS G10100) (1.1121) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC TD            FSN     SIG             
1015 (UNS G10150) (1.1141) (Ck15) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1018 (UNS G10180) (1.0453) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             
1020 (UNS G10200) (1.0402) (C22) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC TD HE                 SIG             
1023 (UNS G10230) (1.1151) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1030 (UNS G10300) (1.1172) (C30) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1035 (UNS G10350) dL CTE MTE E G v B                  SSCC       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1040 (UNS G10400) (1.1186) (Ck40) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
1045 (UNS G10450) (1.1192) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
1065 (UNS G10650) (1.1230) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R       TC                       SIG             
1070 (UNS G10700) (1.1520) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R       TC                   FEN SIG             
1075 (UNS G10750) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
1080 (UNS G10800) (1.1248) (Ck75) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1086 (UNS G10860) (1.0628) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
1095 (UNS G10950) (1.0618) (Ck101) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT         TC                                       
G4802 SK5-CSP dL     MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                  FSN                     
1112            E G v B              SSC                    SH                                          
1522 (UNS G15220)                                     SSCC       D                                                   
3140 (UNS G31400)            E G v B                             D             TD            FSN                     
4037 (UNS G40370) (1.5432) (42MnMo7)            E G v B                                        TC                                       
4130 (UNS G41300) (1.7218) (25CrMo4) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS YSC    SSC            DT R    SH TC TD            FSN     SIG             
4140 (UNS G41400) (1.3563/1.7223/1.7225/1.7227) (42CrMo4) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC SSCC       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
4310 (UNS G43100) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC SSCC       DT                                                  
4320 (UNS G43200) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC SSCC       DT                                                  
4330 (UNS G43300) dL CTE MTE E                    SSC SSCC       DT                                                  
4330V dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
4340 (UNS G43400) (1.6565) (40NiCrMo6) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS YSC    SSC SSCC       DT R       TC TD            FSN     SIG             
4350 (UNS G43500) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT                                                  
4615 (UNS G46150) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R                                SIG             
5132 (UNS G51320) (1.8401/1.7033/1.7037) (34Cr4/34CrS4) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
5140 (UNS G51400) (1.7035/1.7039/1.7045) (41Cr4) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
52100 (UNS G52986) dL CTE MTE                          SSCC       DT                          FSN                     
6125 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
6150 (UNS G61500) (1.8159) (50CrV4) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                          FSN                     
8630 (UNS G86300) (1.6545) (30NiCrMo2) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS YSC                   DT                                                  
JIS G 4801 SUP12 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                          FSN                     
9310 (UNS G93106/H93100) (1.6657) (14NiCrMo13)                                     SSCC       D          TC               FSN                     
26NiCrMoV14-5 (1.6957) (26NiCrMoV145)                                                D                               FEN                 
A36 (UNS K02600) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT      SH TC                                       
A106 Grade B (UNS K03006) (1.0405) (P265GH) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
A182 Grade F1 (Ravne No. 760) (1.5415) (15Mo3/16Mo3) dL CTE MTE E G v B    YS                 SR CS DT      SH                      FEN                 
A201 Grade B dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                                       
A302 Grade B dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
A333 Grade 6 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
A441 (UNS K12211) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC            DT      SH TC                                       
A508 Cl.3 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
A514 (UNS K11872) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT      SH TC                                       
A537 (S185) (UNS K02400) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
A533 Grade B dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
A572 Grade 50 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT         TC                                       
A633 Grade C (UNS K12000) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                                       
ASTM A723 (UNS K25550) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                      FEN                 
JIS G4053-SMn443 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                  FSN                     
BS 460B (steel reinforcing bar) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                      FEN                 
BS B500B (steel reinforcing bar) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                      FEN                 
TWIP steel 8 Mn dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
TWIP steel 17 Mn dL     MTE                      SSC            DT         TC                                       
1Cr-0.5Mo (UNS K11562) (13CrMo44) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT         TC TD                FEN                 
1Cr-1Mo-0.1V (AISI 604) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
1Cr-1Mo-0.25V dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT                                                  
JIS G4105 SCM435 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                          FSN                     
28CrMoV5-8 (28CrMoV5-8) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT                          FSN FEN                 
2.25Cr-1Mo (ASTM A542) (UNS K21590) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT         TC TD                FEN                 
17-22A (UNS K14675) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
17-22AS (UNS K23015) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT         TC                                       
17-22AV (UNS K22770) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
D-6a/6ac (UNS K24728) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC SSCC       DT                                                  
HY-100 (UNS K32045)                                     SSCC       D                                                   
ASME Grade P23 (7CrWVMoNb9-6)                                          SR                                                        
ASME Grade T23 (7CrWVMoNb9-6)                                          SR                                                        
P9 (9Cr-1Mo) (UNS S50400) (1.7386) dL     MTE E                    SSC            DT                                                  
P91 (9Cr-1Mo) (UNS K91560 K90901) (1.4903) (X10CrMoVNb9-1) dL     MTE E       TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                              FEN                 
ASME-P92 (9Cr-0.5Mo-2W) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT                              FEN                 
ASTM A213 / SA-387 (9Cr-1Mo or G91) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT                              FEN                 
Modified 9Cr-1Mo dL     MTE E                             SR    DT                          FSN FEN                 
ASTM A289 (18Mn18Cr)                                                                                FEN                 
GP91 (GX12CrMoVNbN9-1)                                                                                FEN                 
P122 steel                                          SR                                                        
9Cr-2Mo                    TS YS     EL                                                                    
9Cr-3Mo                    TS YS     EL                                                                    
2101 duplex stainless (UNS S32101) (1.4162) dL     MTE E                        SSCC       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
VM12-SHC (ASME Code Case 2781) (1.4915) (X12CrCoWMoVNb12-2-2) dL     MTE E       TS YS                 SR    DT         TC                                       
HY-180                                 SSC SSCC                                                           
HY-TUF (UNS K32550)            E       TS YS                                                                           
300M (UNS K44220)                    TS YS     EL                D                           FSN FEN                 
AMS 5700 (UNS K66009) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
19-9 DL (UNS S63198) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
9 Ni steel (UNS K81340) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC SSCC       DT         TC               FSN                     
HP 9-4-20 (UNS K91461) dL     MTE E       TS YS YSC    SSC SSCC       DT      SH                                          
HP 9-4-30 (UNS K91283) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS YSC    SSC            DT                                                  
AerMet 100 (UNS K92580) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Ferrium C61 (AMS 6517) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                          FSN                     
Ferrium C64 (AMS 6509) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                          FSN                     
Ferrium M54 (AMS 6516) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Ferrium S53 (UNS S10500) dL     MTE                                     DT      SH TC               FSN                     
255 (UNS S32550) (1.4507) (X2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS N08367 (UNS N08367) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
HT-9 dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
IN-519 dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Lapelloy C dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
H-46 dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
NCF 3015 dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
1.3964 (1.3964) (X2CrNiMnMoNNb21-16-5-3) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
1.4037 (1.4037) (X65Cr13) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
1.4122 (1.4122) (X39CrMo17-1) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
1.4724 (1.4724) (X10CrAlSi13) dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
1.4910 (1.4910) (X3CrNiMoBN17-13-3) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
1.4923 (1.4923) (X22CrMoV12-1) dL     MTE                                     DT      SH TC                                       
Ferrotherm 4713 (1.4713) (X10CrAl7/X10CrAlSi7) dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Ferrotherm 4742 (1.4742) (X10CrAlSi18) dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Thermodur E40K dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Dynaflex Vac-Arc dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
CBS-50 NiL (AMS 6278) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
CBS-600 (AMS 6255) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                                       
CRB-7 alloy dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Sanicro 25 (UNS S31035) dL     MTE         TS YS                 SR    DT      SH TC                                       
201 (UNS S20100) (1.4372) (X12CrMnNiN17-7-5) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT      SH TC    HE                                 
201L (UNS S20103) dL     MTE E                                   DT      SH TC    HE                                 
201LN (UNS S20153)            E                                           SH TC                                       
202 (UNS S20200) (1.4373) (X18CrMnNiN18-9-5) dL CTE MTE         TS YS                       DT         TC                                       
301 (UNS S30100) (1.4310) (X10CrNi18-8) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC TD    NE      FSN     SIG             
302 (UNS S30200) (1.4300) (X12CrNi18-8) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
302HQ (UNS S30430) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
302HQ-FM (UNS S30431) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
303 (UNS S30300) (1.4305) (X8CrNiS18-9) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R       TC    HE                 SIG             
303Al (UNS S30345) dL     MTE E                                   DT                                                  
304 (UNS S30400) (1.4301) (X5CrNi18-10) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC TD HE    VP   FSN FEN SIG             
304L (UNS S30403) (1.4306/1.4307) (X2CrNi18-9/X2CrNi19-11) dL CTE MTE E G v B       YSC    SSC SSCC SR    DT      SH TC TD HE             FEN                 
304LN (UNS S30453) (1.4311) (X2CrNiN18-10) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT      SH TC TD HE    VP       FEN                 
305 (UNS S30500) (1.4303) (X4CrNi18-12) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
308 (UNS S30800) (1.4303) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
309 (UNS S30900) (1.4829) (X12CrNi22-12) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R       TC TD                    SIG             
310 (UNS S31000) (1.4841) (X12CrNi25-20) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC TD HE             FEN SIG             
310S (UNS S31008) (1.4845) (X8CrNi25-21) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
314 (UNS S31400) (1.4841) (X15CrNiSi25-21) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT R       TC                       SIG             
316 (UNS S31600) (1.4401/1.4436) (X5CrNiMo17-12-2/X3CrNiMo17-13-3) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC TD    NE    V     FEN SIG             
316L (UNS S31603) (1.4404/1.4435/1.4432) (X2CrNiMo17-12-2/X2CrNiMo18-14-3/X2CrNiMo17-12-3) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC       DT R    SH TC       NE              SIG             
316LN (UNS S31653) (1.4406/1.4429) (X2CrNiMoN17-11-2/X2CrNiMoN17-13-3) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC       NE          FEN SIG             
316NG dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH          NE          FEN                 
Alloy D9 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                      FEN                 
CF-8M dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                      FEN                 
317 (UNS S31700) (1.449) (X5CrNiMo17-13) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                                       
317L (UNS S31703) (1.4438) (X2CrNiMoN18-15-4/X2CrNiMo18-15-4) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                                       
321 (UNS S32100) (1.4541) (X6CrNiTi18-10) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC TD HE         FSN FEN SIG             
ASTM A240 (UNS S32053) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
329 (UNS S32900) (1.4460) (X3CrNiMoN27-5-2) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                                       
334 (UNS S33400) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT R                                SIG             
347 (UNS S34700) (1.4550) (X6CrNiNb18-10) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD HE NE      FSN FEN SIG             
348 (UNS S34800)            E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS    R    SH    TD                    SIG             
X10NiCrMoTiB1515 (DIN 1.4970) (1.4970) (X10NiCrMoTiB15-15) dL     MTE                                     DT      SH TC TD                                    
403 (UNS S40300) (1.4004/1.4024) (X10Cr12/X15Cr13) dL CTE MTE E     B TS YS     EL          SR    DT R       TC                       SIG             
405 (UNS S40500) (1.4002) (X6CrAl13) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
409 (UNS S40900) (1.4512) (X2CrTi12) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT         TC                                       
409HP (UNS S40930)            E       TS YS     EL                D                                                   
410 (UNS S41000) (1.4006) (X12Cr13) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
414 (UNS S41400) (1.4313) (X8CrNi13/X3CrNiMo13-4) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
416 (UNS S41600) (1.4005) (X12CrS13) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT R       TC TD                    SIG             
420 (UNS S42000) (1.4028/1.4021/1.4031/1.4034) (X20Cr13/X30Cr13/X39Cr13/X46Cr13) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
422 (UNS S42200) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT         TC                                       
430 (UNS S43000) (1.4016) (X6Cr17) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
430F (UNS S43020) (1.4105) (X6CrMoS17) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                                          
431 (UNS S43100) (1.4057) (X17CrNi16-2) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL          SR CS DT                                                  
433 dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
434 (UNS S43400) (1.4113) (X6CrMo17-1) dL CTE MTE E                    SSC            DT                                                  
436S dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
439 (UNS S43035) (1.4510) (X3CrTi17) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT                                                  
439HP dL CTE MTE E       TS YS                       DT                                                  
440C (UNS S44004) (1.4125) (X105CrMo17) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R       TC                       SIG             
Boehler N685 (1.4112/1.2361) (X90CrMoV18/X91CrMoV18) dL     MTE E                                   DT                                                  
Boehler N690 (1.4528) (X105CrCoMo18-2) dL     MTE E                                   DT                                                  
441 (UNS S44100) (1.4509) (X2CrTiNb18) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
441HP dL CTE MTE E       TS YS                       DT                                                  
443 (UNS S44300) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
444 (UNS S44400) (1.4521) (X2CrMoTi18-2) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
446 (UNS S44600) (1.4749) (X18CrN28) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD    NE              SIG             
AM-350 (UNS S35000) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS YSC EL SSC            DT R       TC                       SIG             
AM-355 (UNS S35500) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS YSC EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
13-8 Mo PH (UNS S13800) (1.4534) (X3CrNiMoAl13-8-2) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
14-8 Mo PH (UNS S14800) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
15-5 PH (UNS S15500) (1.4594) (X5CrNiMoCuNb14-5) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS YSC                   DT         TC                                       
15-7 Mo PH (UNS S15700) (1.4532) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
17-4 PH (UNS S17400) (1.4542/1.4548) (X5CrNiCuNb16-4) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
17-7 PH (UNS S17700) (1.4568) (X7CrNiAl17-7) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Gall-tough (UNS S20161) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Gall-tough Plus dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Custom 450 (UNS S45000) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Custom 455 (UNS S45500) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT R       TC                       SIG             
Custom 465 (UNS S46500) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC               FSN                     
JETHETE M-152 or Moly Ascoloy (UNS S64152) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH TC                                       
Stainless W (UNS S17600) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
182-FM (UNS S18200) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
SCF 19 (UNS S21000) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
NAS H840 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
NAS NM15M dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
NAS NM17 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
15-15LC (UNS S21300) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Nitronic 30 (UNS S20400) dL     MTE                                     DT                          FSN                     
Nitronic 40 (21-6-9) (UNS S21900) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
Nitronic 60 (UNS S21800) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH TC                                       
21Cr-6Ni-9Mn (UNS S21904) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
18-18 Plus (UNS S28200)                    TS YS     EL                D                                                   
Type 204-Cu dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Pyrowear 675 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Greek Ascoloy (UNS S41800) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT R                                SIG             
AISI 613 dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
16-25-6 (AISI 650) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT                                                  
17-14 CuMo (AISI 653) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
V-57 (AISI 663) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT         TC                                       
W545 (AISI 665) (UNS S66545) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
Ni-SPAN C alloy 902 (UNS N09902) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT         TC               FSN                     
2205 (UNS S31803/S32205) (1.4462) (X2CrNiMoN22-5-3) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC            DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
2304 (UNS S32304) (1.4362) (X2CrNiN23-4) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
2315                                                           TC                                       
2507 (UNS S32750) (1.4410) (X2CrNiMoN25-7-4) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
2515                                                           TC                                       
Maraging 200 (C-type) (UNS K92810) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT         TC               FSN                     
Maraging 250 (C-type) (UNS K92890) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS YSC EL SSC SSCC    CS DT      SH TC               FSN                     
Maraging 300 (C-type) (UNS K93120) (X3NiCoMo18-8-5) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS YSC    SSC SSCC    CS DT      SH TC               FSN FEN                 
Maraging 350 (C-type) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC               FSN                     
Maraging 200 (T-type)                                                D                           FSN                     
Maraging 250 (T-type)                                                D                           FSN                     
Maraging 300 (T-type)                                                D                           FSN                     
Incoloy dL CTE MTE                                             SH                                          
Incoloy 028 (UNS N08028) (1.4563) (X1NiCrMoCu31-27-4) dL     MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
ASTM B625 (UNS N08031) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Incoloy 330 (UNS N08330) (1.4886/1.4864) (X12NiCrSi36-16) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC                       SIG             
Incoloy 800 (UNS N08800) (1.4876) (X10NiCrAlTi32-20/X10NiCrAlTi32-21) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             
Incoloy 800H and 800HT (UNS N08810/N08811) (1.4958/1.4959) (X5NiCrAlTi31-20/X8NiCrAlTi32-21) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             
Incoloy 801 (UNS N08801) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                                       
Incoloy 802 (UNS N08802) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Incoloy 803 (UNS S35045) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R       TC                       SIG             
Incoloy 832 dL     MTE                                     DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Incoloy 840                                 SSC                                                                
Incoloy 864 (UNS S35135) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT         TC                   FEN                 
Incoloy 904 (UNS N08904) (1.4539) (X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Incoloy DS (1.4862) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH                          SIG             
Incoloy 25-6MO (UNS N08926) (1.4529) (X1NiCrMoCuN25-20-7) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT         TC                                       
Incoloy 27-7MO (UNS S31277) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Incoloy A-286 (UNS S66286) (1.4980) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Incoloy MA 956 (UNS S67956) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Carpenter 286-LNi alloy dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
Discaloy (UNS S66220) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
Haynes 556 (UNS R30556) (1.4883) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Haynes Multimet (N-155) (UNS R30155) (1.4971) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS S20910 (UNS S20910) (1.4565) (X3CrNiMnMoNbN23-17-5-3/X2CrNiMnMoN25-18-6-5) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
UNS S30415 (UNS S30415) (1.4818) (X6CrNiSiNCe19-10) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS S30600 (UNS S30600) (1.4361) (X1CrNiS18-15-4)                    TS YS     EL                D                                                   
UNS S30601 (UNS S30601)                    TS YS     EL                D                                                   
UNS S30615 (UNS S30615) dL CTE MTE E       TS                          DT         TC                                       
UNS S30815 (UNS S30815) (1.4835) (X10CrNiSiN21-11/X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS                       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS S30908 (UNS S30908) (1.4833) (X7CrNi23-14) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS S31002 (UNS S31002) (1.4335) (X1CrNi25-21) dL     MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS S31050 (UNS S31050) (1.4466) (X1CrNiMoN25-22-2) dL     MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
UNS S31254 (UNS S31254) (1.4547) (X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS                       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS S31500 (UNS S31500) (1.4417) dL     MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
UNS S31726 (UNS S31726) (1.4439) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
UNS S32654 (UNS S32654) (1.4652) (X1CrNiMoCuN24-22-8) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS                       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS S32760 (UNS S32760) (1.4501) (X2CrNiMoCuWN25-7-4) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS                       DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
7-Mo Plus (UNS S32950) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
UNS S34565 (UNS S34565) (1.4565) (X3CrNiMnMoNbN23-17-5-3/X2CrNiMnMoN25-18-6-5) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
UNS S35315 (UNS S35315) (1.4854) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS S40977 (UNS S40977) (1.4003) (X2CrNi12) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
1.4418 (1.4418) (X4CrNiMo16-5-1) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
1.4460 (1.4460) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC                                       
1.4520 (1.4520) (X2CrTi17) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
1.4589 (1.4589) (X5CrNiMoTi15-2) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
1.7224 (1.7224)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
F82H dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
A128-E2 Hadfield steel (Fe-13Mn) (1.3401) (X120Mn12) dL     MTE            YS YSC    SSC SSCC       DT         TC                                       
Fe-1Si                                                           TC                                       
Fe-1.8Si                                                           TC                                       
Fe-2.8Si                                                           TC                                       
Fe-3.9Si                                                           TC                                       
TRIP 590            E G v B              SSC                                                                
TRIP 600            E G v B              SSC                                                                
TRIP 700            E G v B              SSC                                        FSN FEN                 
TRIP 780            E G v B              SSC                                                                
TRIP 800            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DUAL-TEN 590            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DUAL-TEN 600            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DUAL-TEN 780            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DUAL-TEN 800            E G v B              SSC                                                                
HSLA 100                                     SSCC       D                                                   
HSLA 340            E G v B              SSC                                                                
HSLA 550            E G v B              SSC                                                                
HSLA 280            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DP 450                                 SSC                                                                
DP 500            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DP 590            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DP 600            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DP 780            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DP 800            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DP 980            E G v B              SSC               R                                SIG             
DQSK            E G v B              SSC                                                                
EDDS            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DDS            E G v B              SSC                                                                
DS Type B            E G v B              SSC                                                                

Nickel Alloys
Nickel (commercially pure) dL     MTE E                    SSC            DT         TC               FSN FEN                 
Nickel D (211) (UNS N02211) (2.4116) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Nickel 200 (UNS N02200) (2.4066) (Ni99.2) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC               FSN FEN SIG             
Nickel 201 (UNS N02201) (2.4068) (LC-Ni99) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Duranickel 301 (UNS N03301) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R       TC                       SIG             
Nickel TD (UNS N03260) dL     MTE            YS        SSC      SR    DT R                        FSN FEN SIG             
Monel 400 (UNS N04400) (2.4360) (NiCu30Fe) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Monel 401 (UNS N04401) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Monel 404 (UNS N04404) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
Monel R-405 (UNS N04405) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Monel K-500 (UNS N05500) (2.4375) (NiCu30Al) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC TD    NE      FSN     SIG             
UNS N06333 (UNS N06333) dL CTE MTE E       TS                          DT         TC                                       
20Cb-3 (UNS N08020) (2.4660) (NiCr20CuMo) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
20Mo-4 (UNS N08024) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
20Mo-6 (UNS N08026) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Pyromet alloy 31 (UNS N07031) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R       TC                       SIG             
Custom Age 625 Plus (UNS N07716) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                          FSN                     
UNS N08330 (UNS N08330.) (1.4886) (X12NiCrSi36-16) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS N08354 (UNS N08354) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
Inconel 22 (Hastelloy C-22) (UNS N06022) (2.4602) (NiCr21Mo14W) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Inconel 600 (UNS N06600) (2.4816) (NiCr15Fe) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC TD HE NE VP   FSN FEN SIG             
Inconel 601 (UNS N06601) (2.4851) (NiCr23Fe) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN FEN SIG             
Inconel 603XL dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH TC                                       
Inconel 617 (UNS N06617) (2.4663) (NiCr23Co12Mo) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC TD            FSN FEN SIG             
Inconel 625 (UNS N06625) (2.4856) (NiCr22Mo9Nb) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Inconel 686 (UNS N06686) (2.4606) (NiCr21Mo16W) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Inconel 690 (UNS N06690) (2.4642) (NiCr29Fe) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             
Inconel 693 (UNS N06693) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH TC                                       
Inconel 700 dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL          SR CS DT         TC                                       
Inconel 702 (UNS N07702)                                                D       SH TC    HE                                 
Inconel 706 (UNS N09706) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN FEN SIG             
Inconel 713C (UNS N07713) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD          V         SIG             
Inconel 718 (UNS N07718) (2.4668) (NiCr19NbMo) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC TD HE         FSN FEN SIG             
Inconel 725 (UNS N07725) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Inconel 740 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH TC                                       
Inconel X-750 (UNS N07750) (2.4669) (NiCr15Fe7TiAl) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC TD HE         FSN     SIG             
Inconel 751 (UNS N07751)            E       TS YS     EL          SR    D                           FSN                     
Inconel HX or Hastelloy X (UNS N06002) (2.4665) (NiCr22Fe18Mo) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Inconel G-3 (UNS N06985) (2.4619) (NiCr22Mo7Cu) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                                       
Inconel C-276 (UNS N10276) (2.4819) (NiMo16Cr15W) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC                       SIG             
Inconel MA 753 (UNS N07753)            E                                   D                                                   
Inconel MA 754 (UNS N07754) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Inconel MA 758 dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT R                                SIG             
MAR-M200 dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
MAR-M246 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
MAR-M247            E       TS YS        SSC            D                                                   
CMSX-4 dL     MTE E G v   TS YS                       DT            TD                                    
CMSX-7                    TS YS     EL                D                               FEN                 
CMSX-8 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC TD                FEN                 
CMSX-486                    TS YS                 SR    D                               FEN                 
TMS-26            E                                   D                                                   
PWA 1480 dL     MTE E       TS YS                       DT      SH TC               FSN                     
PWA 1484                                 SSC      SR    D          TC               FSN                     
SX Rene N5 dL     MTE E                                   DT                                                  
GTD111 DS dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC TD                FEN                 
Incoloy 807 dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT                                                  
Incoloy 825 (UNS N08825) (2.4858) (NiCr21Mo) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC                       SIG             
Incoloy 890 (UNS N08890) dL     MTE E G v B                       SR    DT                                                  
Incoloy 908 (UNS N09908) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Incoloy 925 (UNS N09925) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC               FSN                     
Incoloy 945 (UNS N09945) dL     MTE E G v B    YS                       DT      SH TC               FSN                     
Alloy 901 (UNS N09901) (1.4898) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT         TC                                       
Nimonic 75 (UNS N06075) (2.4951/2.4630) (NiCr20Ti) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT      SH TC TD HE                                 
Nimonic 80A (UNS N07080) (2.4952/2.4631) (NiCr20TiAl) dL CTE MTE E G v   TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Nimonic 81 dL     MTE E G v   TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Nimonic 86 dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT                                                  
Nimonic 90 (UNS N07090) (2.4632) (NiCr20Co18Ti) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Nimonic 91            E       TS YS     EL          SR    D       SH                                          
Nimonic 95                                                           TC                                       
Nimonic 101            E                                   D       SH                                          
Nimonic 105 (UNS N13021) (2.4634) (NiCo20Cr15MoAlTi) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL     SSCC SR CS DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Nimonic 115 (2.4636) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
Nimonic 263 (UNS N07263) (2.4650) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
Nimonic 901 (UNS N09901) (2.4662) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH TC                                       
Nimonic 942 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH                                          
Nimonic PE11 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT      SH                                          
Nimonic PE13                                          SR                                                        
Nimonic PE16 dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
Nimonic PK33 dL     MTE E G v   TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Rene 77                                                D          TC                                       
Rene 95            E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    D          TC                   FEN                 
Hastelloy A                                                           TC                                       
Hastelloy B (UNS N10001) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC          VP           SIG             
Hastelloy B-2 (UNS N10665) (2.4817) (NiMo28) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Hastelloy B-3 (UNS N10675) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Hastelloy C (UNS N10002) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
Hastelloy C-4 (UNS N06455) (2.4610) (NiMo16Cr16Ti) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Hastelloy C-22 HS                                 SSC                                                                
Hastelloy C-276 (UNS N10276) (2.4819) (NiMo16Cr15W) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Hastelloy C-2000 (UNS N06200) (2.4675) (NiCr23Mo16Cu) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Hastelloy G-30 (UNS N06030) (2.4603) (NiCr30FeMo) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R       TC                       SIG             
Hastelloy G-50 (UNS N06950) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
Hastelloy N (UNS N10003) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Hastelloy S (UNS N06635) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT      SH TC TD                                    
Hastelloy W (UNS N10004) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
Haynes 75 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT R       TC                       SIG             
Haynes 214 (UNS N07214) (2.4646) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Haynes 230 (UNS N06230) (2.4733) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD                FEN SIG             
Haynes 242 dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Haynes 263 (UNS N07263) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R       TC                   FEN SIG             
Haynes 282 dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD                FEN SIG             
Haynes HR-120 (UNS N08120) (2.4854) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Haynes HR-160 (UNS N12160) (2.4880) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
Haynes R-41 (Rene 41) (UNS N07041) (2.4973) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             
Udimet 400                    TS YS     EL          SR    D                                                   
Udimet 500 (UNS N07500) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
Udimet 520                    TS YS     EL          SR    D                                                   
Udimet 630                    TS YS     EL                D  R                                SIG             
Udimet 700 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR    DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Udimet 710 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
Udimet 720                    TS YS                       D                                                   
Udimet 720LI                    TS YS     EL SSC            D                                                   
Udimet D-979 (UNS N09979) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
718 Plus (UNS N07818) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT      SH TC                                       
Astroloy (UNS N13017) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT                              FEN                 
B-1900 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC TD                                    
IN-100 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT      SH TC TD                FEN                 
IN-162 dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
IN-738 / IN-738LC dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL          SR CS DT      SH TC                   FEN                 
IN-939                    TS YS     EL     SSCC SR                                                        
M-22 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
M252 (UNS N07252) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT      SH TC                                       
MC-102 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
Pyromet alloy 860 dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT                                                  
RGT-4 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
RGT-13 dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
Supertherm            E                                   D          TC                                       
Unitemp AF2-1 DA dL     MTE         TS YS     EL          SR    DT         TC                                       
Waspaloy (UNS N07001) (2.4654) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC SSCC SR CS DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             

Aluminum Alloys
1050 (UNS A91050) (Al99.5) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
1060 (UNS A91060) (Al99.6) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC            DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
1100 (UNS A91100) (Al99.0Cu) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R       TC TD            FSN     SIG             
1145 (UNS A91145) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
1199 (UNS A91199) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP           SIG             
1350 (UNS A91350) (E-Al99.5) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC    HE    VP   FSN     SIG             
2011 (UNS A92011) (AlCu6BiPb) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
2014 (UNS A92014) (AlCu4SiMg) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN FEN SIG             
2017 (UNS A92017) (AlCu4MgSi) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                                                  
2018 (UNS A92018) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
2020 (UNS A92020) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                          FSN                     
2021 (UNS A92021)            E G v B TS YS                 SR                                                        
2024 (UNS A92024) (AlCu4Mg1) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC TD            FSN FEN SIG             
2025 (UNS A92025) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                          FSN                     
2036 (UNS A92036) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
2090 (UNS A92090)            E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            D                                                   
2117 (UNS A92117) (AlCu2.5Mg) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
2124 (UNS A92124) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
2218 (UNS A92218) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
2219 (UNS A92219) (AlCu6Mn) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT      SH TC               FSN FEN                 
2319 (UNS A92319) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
2618 (UNS A92618) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                          FSN                     
3003 (UNS A93003) (AlMn1Cu) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT      SH TC    HE NE      FSN                     
3004 (UNS A93004) (AlMn1Mg1) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT            TD            FSN                     
3105 (UNS A93105) (AlMn0.5Mg0.5) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
4032 (UNS A94032) (1.5411)            E G v B TS YS                 SR                  TD            FSN                     
5005 (UNS A95005) (AlMg1) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
5050 (UNS A95050) (AlMg1.5) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
5052 (UNS A95052) (AlMg2.5) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
5056 (UNS A95056) (AlMg5Cr) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
5083 (UNS A95083) (AlMg4.5Mn0.7) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
5086 (UNS A95086) (AlMg4) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT         TC               FSN                     
5154 (UNS A95154) (AlMg3.5) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
5182 (UNS A95182) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
5252 (UNS A95252) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
5254 (UNS A95254) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
5356 (UNS A95356) (AlMg5Cr) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
5454 (UNS A95454) (AlMg3Mn) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                          FSN                     
5456 (UNS A95456) (AlMg5Mn) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT         TC               FSN                     
5457 (UNS A95457) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
5652 (UNS A95652) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
5657 (UNS A95657) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
5754 (UNS A95754) (AlMg3) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT                                                  
6005 (UNS A96005) (AlSiMg) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
6009 (UNS A96009) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
6010 (UNS A96010) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
6022                                 SSC            D                                                   
6053 (UNS A96053) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
6060 (UNS A96060) (AlMgSi) dL CTE MTE E G v B              SSC            DT      SH                                          
6061 (UNS A96061) (AlMg1SiCu) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC    HE         FSN     SIG             
6063 (UNS A96063) (AlMg0.7Si) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
6066 (UNS A96066) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
6070 (UNS A96070) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
6101 (UNS A96101) (E-AlMgSi) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
6151 (UNS A96165) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
6201 (UNS A96201) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                          FSN                     
6262 (UNS A96262) (AlMg1SiPb) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
6351 (UNS A96351) (AlSi1Mg0.5Mn)            E G v B TS YS                       D                                                   
6951 (UNS A96965)                    TS YS                       D                                                   
7005 (UNS A97005) (AlZn4.5Mg1.5Mn) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
7010 (UNS A97010) (AlZn6MgCu) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
7039 (UNS A97039) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC            DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
7049 (UNS A97049)                    TS YS YSC                   D                                                   
7050 (UNS A97050) (AlZn6CuMgZr) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
7072 (UNS A97072) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
7075 (UNS A97075) (AlZn5.5MgCu) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR CS DT R    SH TC TD    NE      FSN FEN SIG             
7079 (UNS A97079) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                          FSN                     
7175 (UNS A97175) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
7178 (UNS A97178) (AlZn7MgCu) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                          FSN                     
7249 (UNS A97249)                                 SSC                                                                
7475 (UNS A97475) (AlZn5.5MgCu) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT                                                  
8090 (UNS A98090)            E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            D                                                   
8280 (UNS A98280)                    TS YS                       D                                                   
201.0 (UNS A02010) dL CTE MTE E G v B                       SR    DT                                                  
206.0 (UNS A02060)                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
208.0 (UNS A02080) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
224.0 (UNS A02240)            E G v B TS YS                 SR    D                                                   
242.0 (UNS A02420) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
249.0 (UNS A02490)            E G v B TS YS                 SR    D                                                   
295.0 (UNS A02950) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
319.0 (UNS A03190) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT      SH TC TD                                    
332.0 (UNS A03320) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
333.0 (UNS A03330) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
336.0 (UNS A03360) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
354.0 (UNS A03540) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
355.0 (UNS A03550) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT      SH TC                                       
356.0 (UNS A03560) (AlSi7Mg) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC      SR    DT      SH TC TD                                    
359.0 (UNS A03590) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
360.0 (UNS A03600) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
380.0 (UNS A03800) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
384.0 (UNS A03840) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
518.0 (UNS A05180) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
520.0 (UNS A05200) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
710.0 (UNS A07100) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
A201.0 (UNS A12010/A12011) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT R    SH TC TD          V         SIG             
A206.0 (UNS A12060) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
A240.0 (UNS A12400) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
A319 (UNS A13190) dL     MTE E G v B              SSC            DT R    SH TC TD          V FSN     SIG             
A355.0 (UNS A13550) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
A356.0 (UNS A13560) (AlSi7Mg) dL     MTE E G v B       YSC        SSCC SR    DT R    SH TC TD          V FSN     SIG             
A357            E G v B              SSC                                                                
A360.0 (UNS A03600) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT                                                  
A380.0 (UNS A13800) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT      SH TC TD                FEN                 
A390 (UNS A13900) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
Silafont 36 (AlSi9MnMg) dL     MTE                                     DT            TD                                    
B443.0 (UNS A24430) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
C355.0 (UNS A33350) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS                 SR    DT                                                  
E319            E G v B TS YS     EL                                            FSN                     
AlCu4TiMg dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R                      V         SIG             
Magsimal-59 dL CTE MTE                                     DT            TD                                    
CZ42            E G v B TS YS                       D                                                   
Al-1.3Li            E G v B                             D                                                   
Al-2.8Li (10 a/o Li) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                        V                         
Al-3.37Li            E G v B TS YS     EL                D                                                   
Al-6Li (20 a/o Li) dL     MTE                                     DT                        V                         
Al-7.9Li (25 a/o Li) dL     MTE                                     DT                        V                         
Al-22 wt% Si                                                                          V                         
Al-30 wt% Si                                                                          V                         
Al-4 wt% Cu dL CTE MTE                                     DT R                      V         SIG             
Al-20 wt% Cu dL CTE MTE                                     DT R                      V         SIG             
Al-30 wt% Cu dL CTE MTE                                     DT R                      V         SIG             
Al-3 wt% Ti                                                                            FSN                     

Copper Alloys
UNS C10100 (OFE) (UNS C10100) (Cu-OFE) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC                   FEN SIG             
UNS C10200 (OFHC/OF) (UNS C10200) (Cu-OF) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R    SH TC          VP   FSN FEN SIG             
UNS C10300 (UNS C10300) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                                          
UNS C10400 (UNS C10400) (CuAg0.05(OF)) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT      SH                                          
UNS C10500 (UNS C10500) (CuAg0.05(OF)) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                                          
UNS C10700 (UNS C10700) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                                          
UNS C10800 (UNS C10800) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                                          
UNS C11000 (ETP) (UNS C11000) (Cu-ETP) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC               FSN     SIG             
UNS C11100 (UNS C11100) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT      SH                                          
UNS C11400 (UNS C11400) (1.7666) (CuAg0.05) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT R    SH                          SIG             
UNS C12000 (UNS C12000) (Cu-DLP) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R    SH                          SIG             
UNS C12100 (UNS C12100) (CuAg0.1P) dL CTE MTE                                     DT      SH                                          
UNS C12200 (UNS C12200) (1.7672) (Cu-DHP) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R                                SIG             
UNS C12210 (UNS C12210) (Cu-DHP) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C12500 (UNS C12500) (Cu-FRTP) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C12700 (UNS C12700) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C12800 (UNS C12800) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C12900 (UNS C12900) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C13000 (UNS C13000) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C14300 (UNS C14300) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C14310 (UNS C14310) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C14500 (UNS C14500) (CuTeP) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R                                SIG             
UNS C14510 (UNS C14510) (CuTeP) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C14520 (UNS C14520) (CuTeP) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C14700 (UNS C14700) (CuS(P0.03)) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R                                SIG             
UNS C14710 (UNS C14710) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C14720 (UNS C14720) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C15000 (UNS C15000) (CuZr) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
UNS C15100 (UNS C15100) dL CTE MTE         TS                    SR    DT R                                SIG             
UNS C16200 (UNS C16200) (CuCd1) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C16210 (UNS C16210) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C17200 (UNS C17200) (2.1247) (CuBe2) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS C17500 (UNS C17500) (2.1285) (CuCo2Be) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
UNS C17510 (UNS C17510) (CuNi2Be) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT      SH TC                                       
UNS C18100 (UNS C18100) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C18150 (UNS C18150) (2.1293) (CuCr1Zr) dL     MTE         TS YS        SSC            DT R    SH TC TD            FSN FEN SIG             
UNS C22000 (UNS C22000) (CuZn10)            E       TS YS     EL SSC            D  R       TC               FSN     SIG             
UNS C23000 (UNS C23000) (CuZn15)            E       TS YS     EL SSC            D  R       TC               FSN     SIG             
UNS C26000 (UNS C26000) (CuZn30) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC          VP   FSN     SIG             
UNS C28000 (UNS C28000) (1.7660/1.7670) (CuZn40)            E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    D          TC                                       
UNS C28580 (UNS C28580)            E                                   D                                                   
UNS C31400 (UNS C31400) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC             V                         
UNS C36000 (UNS C36000) (CuZn36Pb3) dL CTE MTE E       TS           SSC            DT R       TC             V         SIG             
UNS C37700 (UNS C37700) (CuZn40Pb2) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC             V                         
UNS C44300 (UNS C44300) (1.7660) (CuZn28Sn1)            E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS D          TC                                       
UNS C46400 (UNS C46400) (1.7660) (CuZn38Sn1/CuZn39Sn1) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R       TC             V         SIG             
UNS C50500 (UNS C50500)            E                                   D  R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C51000 (UNS C51000) (CuSn5) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC             V         SIG             
UNS C51100 (UNS C51100) (CuSn4)                                 SSC            D          TC               FSN                     
UNS C52100 (UNS C52100) (CuSn8) dL     MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C52400 (UNS C52400) (CuSn10) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C54400 (UNS C54400) (CuSn4Pb4Zn3) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC             V         SIG             
UNS C61300 (UNS C61300) (CuAl7Fe3Sn) dL     MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
UNS C61400 (UNS C61400) (CuAl7Fe2/CuAl8Fe3)            E       TS YS     EL SSC            D  R                                SIG             
UNS C62300 (UNS C62300)            E       TS        EL          SR    D                                                   
UNS C63000 (UNS C63000) (CuAl10Ni5Fe4)            E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS D                                                   
UNS C63200 (UNS C63200) (CuAl9Fe4Ni4)            E       TS YS     EL          SR    D                                                   
UNS C63800 (UNS C63800) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
UNS C64700 (UNS C64700)            E       TS YS     EL SSC            D  R                                SIG             
UNS C65400 (UNS C65400) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C65500 (UNS C65500) (CuSi3Mn1)            E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR    D  R                                SIG             
UNS C68700 (UNS C68700) (CuZn20Al2) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL          SR CS DT                                                  
UNS C70600 (UNS C70600) (2.0872) (CuNi10Fe1Mn)            E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS D  R                                SIG             
UNS C71500 (UNS C71500) (2.0882) (CuNi30Mn1Fe) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC      SR CS DT R                                SIG             
UNS C72800 (UNS C72800) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
UNS C83600 (UNS C83600) (CuSn5Pb5Zn5/CuPb5Sn5Zn5)            E       TS YS     EL          SR CS D          TC                                       
UNS C86500 (UNS C86500) (CuZn38Fe1Al1Mn1)            E                                   D  R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C87500 (UNS C87500) (CuZn16Si3.5) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C87800 (UNS C87800) (CuZn15Si4/CuZn16Si4) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C89520 (UNS C89520) dL CTE MTE                                     DT R    SH TC TD          V         SIG             
UNS C90500 (UNS C90500) (CuSn10Zn2) dL CTE MTE         TS        EL          SR CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C92200 (UNS C92200) (CuSn6Zn4Pb2) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
UNS C93700 (UNS C93700) (CuPb10Sn10/CuSn10Pb10) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
UNS C95200 (UNS C95200) (CuAl10Fe3)            E       TS YS     EL                D                                                   
UNS C95500 (UNS C95500) (CuAl10Ni5Fe4)            E       TS YS     EL                D                                                   
UNS C95800 (UNS C95800) (CuAl10Fe5Ni5)                    TS YS     EL          SR CS D                                                   
UNS C99300 (UNS C99300)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
UNS C93xxx dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
GLIDCOP AL-15 (UNS C15715) dL     MTE         TS YS                       DT R       TC                       SIG             
GLIDCOP AL-25 (UNS C15725) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS                       DT      SH TC                                       
GLIDCOP AL-60 (UNS C15760)                                                D          TC                                       
GRCop-84 (Cu-8Cr-4Nb) dL     MTE         TS YS     EL                DT R       TC                       SIG             
Cu-7Ag                                                                            FSN                     
Cu-7Ag-0.05Zr                                                                            FSN                     
Cu-24Ag                                                                            FSN                     
Constantan                                                D  R    SH TC TD HE                 SIG             
Ni-Al bronze            E                    SSC      SR CS    R                                SIG             
Cu-5Al-4.5Ni dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Cu-3Ni dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
K55                                                              TD          V                         
CuSnTi dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  

Magnesium Alloys
AM50 (UNS M10500)                       YS        SSC            D                                                   
AM100 (UNS M10100)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
AZ31 (UNS M11311) (3.5312) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS YSC    SSC            DT R    SH TC TD            FSN     SIG             
AZ61 (UNS M11610)                    TS YS     EL                D                                                   
AZ63 (UNS M11630)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
AZ80 (UNS M11800) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
AZ81 (UNS M11810) (3.5812)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
AZ91 (UNS M11910/M11912/M11914/M11916/M11921) (3.5912) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
AZ92 (UNS M11920) dL     MTE E                                   DT R       TC                       SIG             
M1 (UNS M15100) (3.5200)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
HM11                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
HM21 (UNS M13210)                       YS                       D  R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
HM31 (UNS M13312)            E                                   D  R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
HK31 (UNS M13310)            E          YS YSC    SSC            D  R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
HZ32 (UNS M13320) (3.5105)            E                                   D  R       TC                       SIG             
EZ33 (UNS M12330) (3.5103) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL             CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
ZE10                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
ZE41 RZ5 (UNS M16410) (3.5101) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL             CS DT R       TC               FSN     SIG             
ZH60                                                   R       TC                       SIG             
ZH62 (UNS M16620) (3.5102)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
ZK21 (UNS M16210)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
ZK30            E                                   D                                                   
ZK51 (UNS M16510)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
ZK60 (UNS M16600) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS    YSC        SSCC       DT R       TC                       SIG             
ZK62                                                   R       TC                       SIG             
EK30                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
EK41                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
K1 (UNS M18010)                                                D  R    SH TC TD                    SIG             
QE22 (UNS M18220) (3.5164) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL             CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
EQ21 (UNS M18330) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL             CS DT                                                  
WE43 (UNS M18430) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
WE54 (UNS M18410) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL SSC         CS DT                                                  
ZM21                                 SSC            D                                                   
ZEK100                                 SSC                                                                
Mg97ZnY2                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
Mg96Zn2Y2                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
Mg97ZnGd2                                                D       SH TC TD                                    

Titanium Alloys
Ti Grade 1 (UNS R50250) (3.7025) dL     MTE E G v B              SSC            DT      SH TC    HE                                 
Ti Grade 2 (UNS R50400) (3.7035) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS        SSC            DT      SH TC    HE                                 
Ti Grade 3 (UNS R50500) (3.7055) dL     MTE E G v B                             DT      SH TC    HE                                 
Ti Grade 4 (UNS R50700) (3.7065) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC            DT R    SH TC    HE                 SIG             
UNS R58640 (UNS R58640)                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
Ti-6Al-4V (UNS R56400) dL     MTE E G v B TS YS YSC EL SSC SSCC SR CS DT R    SH TC TD HE NE      FSN FEN SIG             
UNS R54520 (UNS R54520) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS YSC EL SSC            DT R    SH TC               FSN FEN SIG             
C-130AM dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
Ti-155A                                                   R       TC                       SIG             
C-110M dL     MTE                                     DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Ti-140A                                                   R       TC                       SIG             
RS-120                                                                 HE                                 
TA16 (Ti-2Al-2.5Zr)                                 SSC                                                                
Ti-4Al-3Mo-1V dL     MTE         TS YS                       DT      SH TC               FSN                     
Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn (IMI550)            E                                                                                       
Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo dL CTE MTE E       TS YS YSC    SSC            DT      SH TC                                       
Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V dL     MTE E       TS YS                       DT         TC                                       
Ti-13V-11Cr-3Al dL CTE MTE E       TS YS YSC                CS DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al dL CTE MTE                                     DT      SH TC                                       
Timetal 834                    TS YS     EL SSC            D                                                   
Ti-Ni (shape memory)            E                                   D                                                   

Simple Oxides
Ag2O dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
94% Al2O3 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
Al2O3 (alpha) dL     MTE E G v B TS                          DT   HC SH TC TD    NE    V                         
Na-Al2O3 (beta) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Na-Al2O3 (beta'') dL     MTE                                     DT      SH TC TD                                    
Al2O3 (gamma) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                        V                         
AmO2 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
BaO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
BeO dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
Bi2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
BkO2 dL     MTE                                                                                         
CO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
CO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
CaO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
CdO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
CeO2 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
CmO2 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CoO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Co2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Co3O4 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
CrO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Cr2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Cu2O dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Dy2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Er2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Eu2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
FeO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Fe2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Fe3O4 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Ga2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Gd2O3 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
GeO2 (crystalline) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
GeO2 (vitreous) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT   HC SH                                          
H2O (water) dL CTE MTE         TS                    SR    DT   HC SH TC TD       VP V                         
H2O2 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
HfO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
In2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
IrO2 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
La2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Li2O dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC             V                         
Lu2O3 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
MgO dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC TD    NE                              
MnO dL     MTE       B                             DT   HC SH                                          
MnO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Mn2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Mn3O4 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
NO (nitric oxide)                                                     HC SH TC             V                         
N2O (nitrous oxide)                                                     HC SH TC          VP V                         
NbO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
NbO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Nb2O5 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Nd2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
NiO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
NpO2 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
PbO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
PdO dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
PrO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Pr2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
ReO3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Rh2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
RuO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
SO2 (sulfur dioxide) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP V                         
Sc2O3 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
SiO2 (fused quartz) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC TD HE NE    V         SIG             
SiO2 (quartz) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
SiO2 (cristobalite) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
SiO2 (tridymite) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
SiO2 (coesite) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
SiO2 (keatite) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC             V                         
Sm2O3 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
SnO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
SnO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
SrO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC          VP                           
Ta2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Tb2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
TeO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
ThO2 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC          VP                           
TiO2 (anatase) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
TiO2 (brookite) dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
TiO2 (rutile) dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
Ti2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Tm2O3 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
VO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
VO2 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
V2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
V2O5 dL     MTE                                     DT R HC SH                          SIG             
Y2O3 dL     MTE E G v B TS                          DT   HC SH TC                                       
Yb2O3 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
ZnO dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
ZrO2 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       

Complex Oxides/Silicates
Al7NO9 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Al2O3-4SiO2-2MgO dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
3Al2O3-2SiO2 (mullite) dL CTE MTE E       TS                          DT         TC                                       
2.5Al2O3-SiO2 (mullite) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
mullite + 11.5Cr2O3 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
mullite + 10.3Fe2O3 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
9Al2O3-2B2O3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Al2TiO5 dL CTE MTE                                     DT            TD                                    
AlNbO4                                                     HC SH                                          
Al2(WO4)3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
BaAl2Ti5O14 (Hollandite) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
BaCrSnP3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
BaFeSnP3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
BaMoO4 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
BeAl2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CaMgSiO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CaMnSiO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CaNdAlO4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Ca3Al2Si3O12                                                D    HC SH TC                                       
CaCrSnP3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
CaFeSnP3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
CaZrTi2O7 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Ca0.5Ti2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ca0.5Zr2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ca0.5ZrTi(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ca0.25Na0.5Zr2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ca0.25Na0.5Ti2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
(Ca0.9Li0.1)Zr4(PO4)6                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
(Ca0.9Mg0.1)Zr4(PO4)6                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
(Ca0.9Zr0.1)Zr4(PO4)6                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
Ca3(NbGa)2Ga3O12                                                     HC SH                                          
CdFe2O4 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ce2Zr2O7                                                     HC SH                                          
Ce0.05Gd0.95O1.525 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ce0.1Gd0.9O1.55 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ce0.2Gd0.8O1.6 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ce0.3Gd0.7O1.65 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Ce0.4Gd0.6O1.7 dL     MTE                                                                                         
CoAl2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CoCr2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CoFe2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
CrSbO4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Cs2MoO4                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
Cu2Th4(MoO4)9 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Dy2SiO5 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Dy3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Dy3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Dy2WO6                                                     HC SH                                          
Dy2(WO4)3                                                     HC SH                                          
Er3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Er3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Er2W3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Eu3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
EuVO4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
FeAl2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
FeCr2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Fe2SiO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Fe2TiO5            E                                   D             TD                                    
GdAlO3                                                D          TC TD                                    
Gd3Al5O12                                                           TC                                       
Gd2SiO5 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Gd2.58Zr1.57O7                                                D          TC                                       
Gd3Fe5O12 (GdIG) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Gd3Ga5O12 (GdGaG) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Gd3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Gd2Zr2O7                                                D          TC TD                                    
HfTiO4 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Hf0.75Sn0.25O2 dL     MTE                                                                                         
HfO2-20Er2O3 dL CTE MTE E G v B                                                                                 
HfO2-33Er2O3            E                                                                                       
HfO2-20Y2O3            E                                                                                       
HfO2-10Gd2O3            E                                                                                       
HfO2-20Gd2O3            E                                                                                       
HfO2-33Gd2O3            E                                                                                       
HfO2-40Gd2O3            E                                                                                       
Ho3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Ho3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
(HfMg)(WO4)3 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
KLa(WO4)2 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
La3Ga5SiO14 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
La4(MoO4)3(ReO4)6 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
La3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
La2Zr2O7 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC TD                                    
LiAlO2 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
LiAlSiO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
LiAl5O8 dL     MTE                                                                                         
LiB3O5 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
LiFe5O8 dL     MTE                                                                                         
LiGa5O8 dL     MTE                                                                                         
LiGaO2 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
LiNbO3 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC             V                         
Li2MoO4 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Li2SiO3                                                D    HC SH                                          
Li4SiO4 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Li2TiO3                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
Li2ZrO3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Li2Th4(MoO4)9 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Li2Th4(WO4)9 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Lu3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Lu2SiO5 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Lu3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Lu2W3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
MgAl2O4 (spinel) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT   HC SH TC TD                                    
MgCr2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
MgFe2O4 dL     MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
MgSiO3 (steatite) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
MgTi2O5            E                                   D    HC SH                                          
Mg2SiO4 (forsterite) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
Mg2TiO4 dL     MTE                                          HC SH                                          
MgO-20Al2O3                                                D          TC TD                                    
MgO-30Al2O3                                                D          TC                                       
MgO-40Al2O3                                                D          TC                                       
MgO-80Al2O3                                                D          TC                                       
MgO-90Al2O3                                                D          TC TD                                    
(Mg0.85Al0.15)Al2O4                                                D          TC                                       
MnAl2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
MnFe2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Mn2SiO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Na2WO4 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Na2O-67SiO2                                                           TC                                       
Na2O-68SiO2                                                           TC                                       
Na2O-71.6SiO2                                                           TC                                       
Na2O-76SiO2                                                           TC                                       
NaCr2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NaTi2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NaTiSn(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NaTi0.8Sn1.2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NaTi0.5Sn1.5(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NaZr2(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Na1.5Zr1.875(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Na1.5Zr1.5Cr0.5(PO4)3 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NdGaO3                                                D    HC SH TC                                       
Nd2SiO5 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Nd2Si2O7                                                           TC                                       
Nd2Zr2O7                                                D          TC                                       
NiAl2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
NiCr2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
NiFe2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Ni2SiO4 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Nd3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Pr3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Pb(Mg0.33Nb0.66)O3 lead magnesium niobate (PMN) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Sc2SiO5 dL     MTE                                                TC                                       
Sc2Si2O7                                                           TC                                       
Sm3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Sm2Zr2O7                                                D          TC                                       
SrCrSnP3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
SrFeSnP3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
SrY2O4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
SrWO4 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
Tb3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Tm3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Y2O3-9La2O3 dL     MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
Y2SiO5 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Y2Si2O7 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Y3Al5O12 (YAG) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC TD                                    
Y3Al5O12 (tetragonal) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Y3Fe4GaO12 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Y3Ga5O12 (YGaG) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Y3Sc2Al3O12 (YSAG)                                                D          TC                                       
Y3Y0.5Ga1.5Ga3O12 dL     MTE                                                                                         
Y3In0.6Ga1.4Ga3O12 dL     MTE                                                                                         
YNbO4                                                     HC SH                                          
Y3TaO7                                                     HC SH                                          
Y2W3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Yb3Al5O12 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Yb2SiO5                                                           TC                                       
Yb2Si2O7 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Yb2W3O12 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
ZnAl2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
ZnCr2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
ZnFe2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
ZnGa2O4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Zn2GeO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Zn2SiO4 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
ZrSiO4 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
ZrO2-12CeO2            E                                   D                                                   
ZrO2-14.5CeO2            E                                   D                                                   
ZrO2-15.5CeO2            E                                   D                                                   
ZrO2-16.5CeO2            E                                   D                                                   
ZrO2-2MgO            E                                           SH TC                                       
ZrO2-3Y2O3 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
ZrO2-6.5Y2O3            E                                   D                                                   
ZrO2-7Y2O3                                                D          TC                                       
ZrO2-8Y2O3 dL CTE MTE E                                                                                       
ZrO2-9.4Y2O3 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
ZrO2-11Y2O3            E G v B                             D                                                   
ZrO2-12Y2O3            E G v B                             D                                                   
ZrO2-16Y2O3            E G v B                             D                                                   
ZrO2-18Y2O3            E G v B                             D                                                   
ZrO2-24Y2O3 dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
ZrO2-4.5Nb2O5-9Y2O3                                                           TC TD                                    
ZrO2-10Nb2O5-10Y2O3                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
ZrO2-7.5Nb2O5-12Y2O3                                                     HC SH TC TD                                    
ZrO2-4.4Ta2O5-9Y2O3                                                     HC SH TC TD                                    
ZrO2-5.4Ta2O5-9Y2O3                                                     HC SH TC TD                                    
ZrO2-9Ta2O5-10Y2O3                                                D    HC SH TC TD                                    
ZrO2-7.5Ta2O5-12Y2O3                                                     HC SH TC TD                                    
ZrO2-33.3Pr6O11 dL CTE MTE E                                                                                       
Synroc-B dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Synroc-C            E       TS                          D                                                   
MACOR dL     MTE E       TS                          DT R       TC    HE                 SIG             
Monofrax H dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Monofrax M dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
Monofrax A dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
Monofrax CS-3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Monofrax CS-4                                                D          TC                                       
Monofrax CS-5 dL CTE MTE                                     DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Monofrax Z                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
SCIMOS CZ                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
SCIMOS A-2 dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
8Al2O3-56SiO2-36CaO slag                                                              TD                                    
13Al2O3-53SiO2-34CaO slag                                                              TD                                    
10Al2O3-47SiO2-44CaO slag                                                              TD                                    
16Al2O3-44SiO2-41CaO slag                                                              TD                                    
20Al2O3-42SiO2-39CaO slag                                                              TD                                    

Al4C3                                                D    HC SH                                          
B4C dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC TD                                    
Be2C            E                                   D                                                   
Fe3C dL     MTE E                                   DT R HC SH                          SIG             
GdC2                                                D    HC SH                                          
Gd2C3                                                D    HC SH                                          
HfC dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
LaC2                                                D    HC SH                                          
La2C3                                                D    HC SH                                          
Mo2C dL     MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
NbC dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
Nb2C dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH                                          
NdC2                                                D    HC SH                                          
Nd2C3                                                D    HC SH                                          
PrC2                                                D    HC SH                                          
Pr2C3                                                D    HC SH                                          
SiC (alpha) dL     MTE E G v B TS                          DT R HC SH TC TD    NE              SIG             
SiC (beta)                                                D    HC SH                                          
SmC2                                                D    HC SH                                          
Sm2C3                                                D    HC SH                                          
TaC dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R HC SH                          SIG             
Ta2C dL     MTE                                                                                         
TiC dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT R HC SH TC TD                    SIG             
V2C dL     MTE                                                                                         
VC dL     MTE E                                   DT   HC SH                                          
WC dL     MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC TD                                    
W2C dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
ZrC dL CTE MTE E G v B TS                          DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Hf2PbC dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Hf2SnC dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Nb2AlC dL CTE MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Nb2SnC dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
(Ti,Nb)2AlC dL CTE MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Ti2AlC dL CTE MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Ti3AlC2            E G v B                             D                                                   
Ti3SiC2 dL     MTE E G v B TS                          DT   HC SH TC                                       
Ti3GeC2            E G v B                             D                                                   
Ti3Si0.5Al0.5C2            E G v B                             D                                                   
Ti2SnC dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Zr2PbC dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Zr2SnC dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Zr3Al3C5 dL CTE MTE E                                   DT   HC SH TC                                       
Zr2[Al(Si)]4C5 dL     MTE E                                   DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Zr3[Al(Si)]4C6 dL     MTE E                                   DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Al8B4C7 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  

WC-3Co dL CTE MTE                                     DT      SH          NE                              
WC-5Co dL CTE MTE                                     DT      SH          NE                              
WC-6Co dL CTE MTE E             YSC    SSC SSCC       DT                                                  
WC-7Co dL CTE MTE                                     DT      SH                                          
WC-9Co dL CTE MTE                          SSCC       DT                                                  
WC-11Co dL CTE MTE                          SSCC       DT                                                  
WC-12Co dL CTE MTE                      SSC            DT      SH                                          
WC-13Co dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
WC-15Co dL CTE MTE E                                   DT                                                  
WC-25Co            E                                   D                                                   
WC-16TiC-10Co            E                                                                                       
WC-16TiC-15TaC-10Co            E             YSC                                                                       
Al2O3-20Mo dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
Al2O3-27Mo dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
Al2O3-50Ti                                                        SH TC TD                                    
TiB2-28Fe            E                                                                                       

Tool Steels
A2 (UNS T30102) (1.2363) (X100CrMoV5-1) dL CTE MTE E                        SSCC       DT         TC                                       
A6 (UNS T30106) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
A8 (UNS T30108) (1.2606) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
A9 (UNS T30109) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
A11 (UNS T30111) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
D2 (UNS T30402) (1.2379) (X155CrVMo12-1) dL CTE MTE E                        SSCC       DT         TC                                       
D3 (UNS T30403) (1.2080) (X210Cr12) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
D5 (UNS T30405) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
H10 (UNS T20810) (1.2365) (X32CrMoV3-3(close)) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT                                                  
H11 (UNS T20811) (1.2343) (X38CrMoV5-1) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC SSCC       DT         TC                   FEN                 
H11 mod (AISI 610) dL CTE MTE E G v B TS YS     EL SSC SSCC    CS DT R       TC                       SIG             
H12 (UNS T20812) (1.2606) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT         TC                                       
H13 (UNS T20813) (1.2344) (X40CrMoV5-1) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
H21 (UNS T20821) (1.2581) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL SSC            DT         TC                                       
H22 (UNS T20822) dL CTE MTE         TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
H23 (UNS T20823) (1.2625)                    TS YS     EL                                                                    
H26 (UNS T20826)                    TS YS     EL                D                                                   
L6 (UNS T61206) (1.2713) (56NiCrMoV7(close)) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
M1 (UNS T11301) (1.3346) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
M2 (UNS T11302) (1.3343) (HS6-5-2) dL CTE MTE E             YSC        SSCC       DT      SH TC                                       
M3 type 2 (UNS T11323) (HS6-5-3) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
M4 (UNS T11304) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
M10 (UNS T11310)                                                D          TC                                       
M33 (UNS T11333) (1.3249) dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
M42 (UNS T11342) (1.3247) (HS2-9-1-8) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
M50 (UNS T11350) dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT                                                  
M62 (UNS T11362) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
O1 (UNS T31501) (1.2510) (100MnCrW4) dL CTE MTE E                        SSCC       DT         TC                                       
O2 (UNS T31502) (1.2842) (90MnCrV8(close)) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
O6 (UNS T31506) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
P20 (UNS T51602) (1.2311) (40CrMnMo7) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
S2 (UNS T41902) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
S7 (UNS T41907) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
T1 (UNS T12001) (1.3355)                                                           TC                                       
T5 (UNS T12005) (1.3265) dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
T15 (UNS T12015) (1.3202) (S12-1-4-5) dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
W1 (UNS T72301) (1.1525/1.1545/1.1560) dL CTE MTE                          SSCC       DT         TC                                       
CPM 1V                                                D          TC                                       
CPM 9V dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
CPM 15V dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
CPM Rex 121 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
HiStar 40 dL CTE MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
TLS 2367 (1.2367) dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
TLS 2714 (1.2714) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
DuraTech NINE dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
DuraTech 20CV dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
BG42 (AMS 5749) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT                                                  
DIEVAR dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
ELMAX dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
QRO 90 SUPREME dL CTE MTE E       TS YS     EL                DT         TC                                       
VANADIS 4 dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
VANADIS 6 dL CTE MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
Boehler K353 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Boehler K340 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler K360 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Boehler K390 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler K490 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler K890 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler M261 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Boehler M300 (X36CrMo17/X38CrMo16(close)) dL     MTE E                                   DT                                                  
Boehler M303 dL     MTE E                                   DT      SH TC                                       
Boehler M315 dL     MTE                                     DT      SH TC                                       
Boehler M333                                                D          TC                                       
Boehler M340 dL     MTE E                                   DT                                                  
Boehler M368 dL     MTE E                                   DT         TC                                       
Boehler M390 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S290 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S390 dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S590 (1.3244) (HS6-5-3-8) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S600 (UNS T11302 (close)) (1.3343) (HS6-5-2C) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S690 (UNS T11304 (close)) (1.3351 (close)) (HS6-5-4(close)) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S705 (UNS T11341 (close)) (1.3243) (HS6-5-2-5) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler S790 (UNS T11323 (close)) (1.3345) (HS6-5-3C) dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Boehler W350 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Boehler W360 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Boehler W400 (UNS T20811 (close)) (X37CrMoV5-1(close)) dL     MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Boehler W403 (X38CrMoV5-3(close)) dL     MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Boehler W460 dL     MTE                                     DT         TC                                       
Boehler W600                                                           TC                                       
Boehler W620                                                           TC                                       

C (glassy) dL     MTE                                     DT         TC TD    NE                              
C (diamond) dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
Pyrolytic graphite dL     MTE                                     DT R HC SH TC                       SIG             
Graphite sheet                                                D             TD                                    
Graphite 3474 D                                                D       SH TC       NE                              
Graphite 7087 dL CTE MTE                                     DT      SH TC       NE                              
Graphite ATJS                                                D  R       TC    HE                 SIG             
Graphite AXF-5Q                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
Graphite AXM5Q-POCO dL     MTE E                                   DT      SH TC TD                                    
Graphite AXM-50                                                              TD                                    
Graphite DFP-1                    TS                          D  R    SH TC TD HE                 SIG             
Graphite EK98                                                           TC       NE                              
Graphite FM-1                                                        SH TC TD                                    
Graphite GBE                                                D       SH TC       NE                              
Graphite GBH                                                        SH TC       NE                              
Graphite H-337                                                D  R       TC                       SIG             
Graphite PLS-1                                                        SH TC TD                                    
Graphite SFG-1                                                        SH TC TD                                    
Graphite TRA-1 dL CTE MTE                                     DT R    SH       HE                 SIG             
Graphite ZXF-5Q                                                D             TD                                    
C36 fullerene dL CTE MTE E G v B                                                                                 
C60 fullerene dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
C70 fullerene                                                     HC SH                                          
C76 fullerene dL CTE MTE E G v B                                                                                 
C96 fullerene dL CTE MTE E G v B                                                                                 
Metallurgical coke (Corus)                                                   R                                SIG             
Metallurgical coke (Swedish Steel AB)                                                   R                                SIG             
Metallurgical coke (Magnitogorsk steel mill)                                                   R                                SIG             
Metallurgical coke (Zdzieszowice coking plant)                                                   R                                SIG             
Brazilian charcoal                                                   R                                SIG             
Indonesian charcoal                                                   R                                SIG             
Chalmette petroleum coke                                                   R                                SIG             
Sponge petroleum coke                                                   R                                SIG             
Shot petroleum coke                                                   R                                SIG             
Siberian anthracite                                                   R                                SIG             
Vietnamese anthracite                                                   R                                SIG             

Thermal Insulators
resin-bonded glass fiber board BCR 64                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
glass fiber blanket                                                           TC                                       
Owens-Corning fiberglass (Ductwrap)                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
Foam                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
Closed-cell foam                                                D       SH TC TD                                    
Al2O3 paper                                                D          TC                                       
Al2O3 mat                                                D          TC                                       
Al2O3-SiO2 paper                                                D          TC                                       
50Al2O3-50SiO2 0.064 g/cm3 blanket                                                D          TC TD                                    
50Al2O3-50SiO2 0.096 g/cm3 blanket                                                D          TC TD                                    
50Al2O3-50SiO2 0.128 g/cm3 blanket                                                D          TC TD                                    
Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 felt                                                D          TC                                       
plasma sprayed Ni-15.6Cr-5.2Al-0.2Y            E                                                                                       
plasma sprayed Ni-17.2Cr-11.6Al-0.98Y            E                                                                                       
plasma sprayed Ni-33Cr-6.2Al-0.95Y            E                                                                                       
Aerogel                                                           TC                                       
Calcarb CVD 20                                                D          TC                                       
Calcarb CVD 24                                                D          TC                                       
Calcarb CVD 100                                                D          TC                                       
Calcarb standard (board)                                                D          TC                                       
Calcarb standard (cylinder)                                                D          TC                                       
Calcarb D                                                D          TC                                       
Calcarb HD                                                D          TC                                       
Elastopor H2100/3                                                D          TC                                       
Elastopor H2130/5                                                D          TC                                       
Elastopor EXH2130/14                                                D          TC                                       
Elastopor H116/9                                                D          TC                                       
Perlite                                                           TC                                       
Kaolite 1600                                                           TC                                       

Al3Ni dL     MTE                                     DT R                      V         SIG             
CeAl2 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
CoAl dL CTE MTE E                                   DT   HC SH                                          
FeAl dL     MTE E                                   DT R                                SIG             
Fe3Al dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
HoAl2 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
LaAl2 dL CTE MTE                                     DT   HC SH TC                                       
LuAl2                                                           TC                                       
NdAl2 dL     MTE                                                                                         
NiAl dL     MTE E                        SSCC       DT                                                  
Ni3Al dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT         TC                                       
Raney nickel dL     MTE                                     DT R                      V         SIG             
PrAl2 dL     MTE                                                                                         
YAl2                                                           TC                                       
TiAl dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH TC                                       
Ti-46.5Al-2Nb-2Cr                       YS        SSC                                                                
Ti-46Al-2W-0.5Si (ABB-2)                                          SR                                                        
Ti-47Al-4(Nb,W,B) dL CTE MTE E                                   DT R    SH TC                       SIG             
Ti3Al dL CTE MTE E G v B                             DT   HC SH                                          
Ti3Al (Ti-17Al)            E G v B                                                                                 
Ti3Al-5Nb dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Ti3Al-7.5Nb dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Ti3Al (Ti-16Al-10Nb)            E G v B                                                                                 
Ti3Al (Ti-24Al-20Nb)                                     SSCC                                                           
ZrCo            E G v B                             D                                                   
RuAl dL CTE MTE                                     DT R       TC                       SIG             
Ru53Al47                                                   R       TC                       SIG             
Ru0.5Ge0.5                                                     HC SH                                          
Ru0.4Ge0.6                                                     HC SH                                          
Ru0.4Sn0.6                                                     HC SH                                          
Ru0.3Sn0.7                                                     HC SH                                          
LaNi5 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
LaNi4.25Co0.75 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
LaNi4.7Al0.3 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
LaNi4.6Mn0.4 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
LaNi3.55Mn0.4Al0.3Co0.75 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
CeBi dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
LaBi dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
SmBi dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Cu6Sn5 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                        V                         
Cu3Sn dL CTE MTE                                     DT                        V                         
PdSn2 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
AuSn4 dL CTE MTE                                                               V                         
Au0.5Ni0.5Sn4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Au0.75Ni0.25Sn4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
PdSn4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
PtSn4 dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
Nb3Sn            E G v B                             D                                                   
Ni3Sn4 dL CTE MTE                                     DT                                                  
Mg2Sn dL     MTE                                     DT                                                  
Mg2Pb dL     MTE                                     DT R                                SIG             
Ga2Mg5                                                   R                                SIG             
Tl2Mg5                                                   R                                SIG             
Al3Sc dL CTE MTE                                                                                         
AgMg            E G v B                             D                                                   
AuIn2 dL     MTE                            &n